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Frequently asked questions
3 Step Beauty Ritual

We have listed the most common questions and answers on this page. If your  question in not listed, please and an email to

Do I need a day and night cream when I use Loïs Lee?2022-06-13T16:25:14+02:00

No, basically not. The Hydrating Lotion and Nourishing Beauty Oil mixed together are your skin food for day and night.

My skin is quite dry. What are the right amounts of product in the mix?2022-06-13T16:24:47+02:00

With our products it’s best to learn by doing. Trial and error ;). Just play around with the amounts of lotion and oil to find the perfect formula for your skin. At any given time, because your skin’s needs may vary on a daily basis. E.g. under the influence of hormones, your diet, the climate, stress, seasonal changes etc. To replenish dry skin you can start with 50-50 dosages. Just feel what this does for your skin. When skin is very dry, you can easily treat your skin to the pure Beauty Oil during the night. Dry spots also benefit from the pure oil. If your skin tends to be oilier, add more Hydrating Lotion to your personal mix, and use max. 2 drops of Beauty Oil. Remember: LESS = MORE! Nourishing Beauty Oil is extremely concentrated and you do not want to look like a grease ball.

Is it safe to remove (eye) make up with the Soothing Cleansing Oil?2022-06-13T16:24:13+02:00

Yes, definitely. This cleanser is so gentle that you can easily use it for the delicate eye area.
It even removes waterproof mascara. Massage the oil to your lashes and let it sit for a few minutes before removing with a clean warm cleansing cloth. Do you wear full make up? It might be useful to double cleanse. For most one cleanse will be sufficient to keep the natural skin barrier intact. Do you prefer multiple cleansing, no problem. Just realize you will run out of Cleansing Oil much quicker ;).

Help, small pimples appear after using the 3 Step Beauty Ritual. Is this right?2022-06-13T16:36:30+02:00

Don’t panic! When you start using new skincare, all natural products in particular, your skin might react. For instance pimples might appear. This can be in an area that you’re used to, but sometimes somewhere else. Of course it is rather unpleasant but it is an important, and positive detox effect of your skin. Trust me: hang in there! It will be better. Your skin needs to get used to new ingredients, and to the fact that she has to become active herself again. Sometimes this lasts a few days, sometimes it can last a full monthly cycle.

Is there an SPF (Sun Protection Filter) in Loïs Lee?2022-06-13T16:35:49+02:00

Even though some plant oils contain kind of a sun filter, our products are not made to protect your skin from sunrays. If you want to use a filter, I’d recommend a separate SPF-product with a natural filter such as zinc oxide. Personally I use Antipodes Immortal SPF 15. Which seems low but the difference between the level of sun protection in SPF 15 (93,3%), SPF 30 (96,6%) and SPF 50 (98%) is not that big!

CAUTION: avoid products with the ingredient Oxybenzone. This will damage your health and our oceans and ocean life (such as coral reefs).

Why are the bottles so dark?2022-06-13T16:35:13+02:00

We have selected these dark miron glass bottles deliberately. Because we do not want to add meuk (=nasties) such as preservatives to our formulas. The dark glass offers ultimate protection to the actives in the products.

How can I check how much product is still left in my bottle?2022-06-13T16:34:52+02:00

Good question. The bottle is so dark one cannot see the content. But, the flashlight of your smartphone comes in handy. Just hold it behind the bottle, move it upside down to check what the level of remaining oil or lotion is (shake the bottle if it’s hard to see).

What to do with empty bottles? Such a waste to throw ‘em in the trash2022-06-13T16:33:52+02:00

Granted, they almost are too pretty to toss in the glass recycle bin. But at the moment that is the most sustainable solution. We are still looking for a proper way to recycle them ourselves…To be continued!

Do you offer a nice exfoliator?2022-06-13T16:32:38+02:00

No! We consciously decided not to. We are convinced that exfoliating or stripping your skin is not right. It removes the natural protective barrier of dead skin cells and increases dehydration, which makes your skin drier. Our Cleansing Cloths have a very mild exfoliating effect, and this does not attack the upper dermis.

Are all products vegan?2022-06-13T16:31:44+02:00

Almost. Our BeautyBrushes are the only non-vegan products. A conscious choice, because we believe natural hairs are better for dry brushing than plant fibres. We do think it is very important that the hairs are obtained in a 100% animal friendly way, therefore we have one supplier of whom we know the products are animal friendly.

What does #nomoremeuk mean?2022-06-13T16:30:53+02:00
[Meuk = Dutch noun = junk, nasties, but also fake news, filters, unreal stuff.]

We believe only the best from nature is good enough for you. That’s why our products do not contain any substances that do not work for your skin’s benefit. Such as emulsifiers, harmful preservatives and cheap silicones. And we don’t do green washing, we are clean and green. That’s why we guarantee NO MEUK. Only the real deal. In every step of the way. From packaging and product to communication. We never test on animals (only on my daughter and our friends). Our philosophy is much more than just our products. With #nomoremeuk we aim to inspire the world to get real!

I do not want to use oil on my face because this will clog pores2022-06-13T16:30:23+02:00

We don’t think your stupid, trust me ;). Because mineral oil can certainly clog pores. And even coconut oil can be comedogenic for many women and cause pimples. The beautiful plant oils that we selected for our formulas however, are non-comedogenic and do not clog pores. If you want to remove dirt and make-up properly, you need an oil. Otherwise the dirt of the day will not be removed well. And the older you get, the lower the level of lipids in your skin. Therefore precious oils are the best way to maintain a healthy, radiant skin! They even lock in moisture in the skin . The concentrated levels of natural oils in Nourishing Beauty Oil are created to nourish and protect your skin.

What’s the importance of a beauty ritual?2022-06-13T16:29:55+02:00

We believe it’s important to enjoy a daily moment of relaxation and self care. A moment to calm down and to be able to feel what your skin needs. To give yourself enough self care and self love. All of our products fit perfectly in this kind of ritual.

How long does a full size 3 Step Beauty Ritual set last?2022-06-02T14:33:08+02:00

With average use, a set lasts about 3 months. There are women whose sets last 4 months.

What am I supposed to do with the cotton cloth?2022-05-30T10:48:20+02:00

Our organic cotton cleansing cloth is developed to use as part of the 3 Step Beauty Ritual. It helps to remove all make up and traces of dirt.

Firstly, apply some Cleansing Oil to your face and massage. Then drench the cloth into warm water, wring it out and lay onto your face. Gently wipe off all the make-up and dirt of the day. Repeat once or twice with a rinsed cloth, until your skin is squeaky clean.

Even mascara can be removed with the Cleansing Oil and cloth. If necessary, use an extra drop of Cleansing Oil to remove your eye make-up.