3 Step Beauty Ritual

Dag- en nachtverzorging voor Jouw Mooiste Huid Ooit!

A healthy, beautiful skin looks radiant and youthful, and is the result of a conscious lifestyle and a consistent daily beauty ritual. One of the most important functions of the skin is, besides protecting us from external aggressors, to lock in moisture to keep the skin nourished and hydrated, able to optimize performance. Most ‘normal’ skincare does the opposite: cheap (synthetic) ingredients cause unbalance in the skin flora, and alcohols cause extreme dryness, making the need to (re-) apply moisturizer even greater… A vicious circle.

3 Step Beauty Ritual Lois Lee

Loïs Lee created an effective 3 Step Beauty Ritual that suits every skin type and skin condition, making skin healthy and beautiful:




customizable skincare

Made to measure


Your skin needs to be nourished every day. But it doesn’t have the same needs every day.

We believe that your skin condition fluctuates constantly. Changing temperatures, nutrition, stress, your health, hormones and your monthly cycle influence the condition of your skin. To use the same product daily, for your ever-changing skin doesn’t make sense at all. Loïs Lee offers your skin what she needs every day. By feeling, mixing and tweaking, you can create the perfect blend for your skin, every day of the week.

unieke verzorging

De huid neemt plantoliën makkelijk op omdat het veel lijkt op het natuurlijke vet in je huid (sebum).

Door het voedende deel (Nourishing Beauty Oil) te mengen met het hydraterende deel (Hydrating Lotion) creëer je je verse moisturizer die helemaal afgestemd is op jouw huid.

Ze werken in synergie met elkaar; door de Hydrating Essence dringt de Beauty Oil nóg beter in de diepere huidlagen door.

different AND BETTER

And to preserve this mixture, preservatives are a must. These two elements do not nourish the skin at all, and might have harmful effects on your health.

By keeping the oil part and water part separate until the moment of application, thus offering two single products, Loïs Lee Pure Skinfood is able to select only active ingredients that are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and proper lipids for your skin. There isn’t even normal water in our formulas, we work solely with floral waters that also contain nutrients and that are perfect for the mildly acid pH of our skin.


Our products contain only carefully selected high quality, active ingredients that fortify each other’s effect and offer direct benefits for skin.

Beautiful plant oils, extracts and floral waters, complemented by actives like squalane and algae-extract.