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Frequently Asked Questions
Screen Sun Screen

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Screen Sun Screen usage

Why shake before use?2022-11-08T18:03:35+01:00

Shake well prior to each use, because the zinc sinks to the bottom and needs to be mixed properly with all the other ingredients.

Can I apply my make up (directly) onto Screen Sun Screen?2022-11-08T18:03:35+01:00

Yes, you can apply you make up immediately for some extra GLOW or wait a while until the formula has been absorbed a little.

How to use Screen Sun Screen.2022-11-08T18:03:35+01:00

Apply generously (8-10 drops) to face and neck every day after your regular skincare routine (Hydrating Essence + Nourishing Beauty Oil). Let it absorb before applying make-up. (re-apply after 2 hours if you spend the day outdoors in the sun). Cleanse thoroughly in the evening and don’t forget your PM skincare ritual.

Screen Sun Screen ingredients

Does Screen Sun Screen damage the coral reefs?2022-11-08T18:05:16+01:00

Nope, it’s coral reef friendly since we use a plant-based coating and the formula has non-nano ingredients.

What are the ingredients and more particular which aren’t in it?2022-11-08T18:04:04+01:00

It does contain high tech non- nano zinc oxide which does not leave a white cast but a healthy, smooth glow! It is absolutely free of chemical filters (such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, avobenzone, homosalate, octocrylene, octisalate), perfume/fragrance, phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, silicones and PEG’s. And rich in love, precious plant oils and vitamins.

Screen Sun Screen general questions

Does Screen Sun Screen damage the coral reefs?2022-11-08T18:05:16+01:00

Nope, it’s coral reef friendly since we use a plant-based coating and the formula has non-nano ingredients.

Why blue light protection?2022-11-08T18:05:16+01:00

Did you know that too much blue light exposure can cause premature aging of the skin? Blue light enters the skin all the way to the dermal layer where elastin and collagen are produced and this can have negative effects on your skin. Such as premature aging, like wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and a weakened skin barrier. Subsequently leading to sensitivity, redness and impurities. Our Screen Sun Screen also protects against this type of rays.

What is Screen Sun Screen?2022-11-08T18:05:16+01:00

Not just sunscreen, but a unique formula for the face that offers daily protection against the three most important causes of premature aging of the skin: blue light, UVA / UVB and (air) pollution.

Why does one need a separate SPF?2022-11-08T18:05:16+01:00

A daily skincare product with SPF (e.g., day cream) is quite useless. It gives false expectations, because after applying it in the morning, it loses effectiveness within a few hours, which actually requires re-application. So, you’re unprotected for the larger part of the day. Also, in order to be effective, the filter should be one of the first, most important ingredients in the formula. That influences the amount of other active ingredients. Therefore, we recommend using a separate SPF.

How high is the SPF and why is it not higher?2022-11-08T18:05:16+01:00

Screen Sun Screen has an SPF 20 classification. Which might seem low, but the difference in level of protection between SPF 15 (93,3%), SPF 30 (96,6%) and SPF 50 (98%) is not that big actually.

What do I do with the empty bottles?2022-11-08T18:26:03+01:00

They are indeed almost too pretty to toss in the glass bin. It is however the best option. Glass has an almost endless recycling lifecycle, so by recycling the demand for virgin raw materials will decrease. Almost 90% of all the glass is recycled. Recycling also reduces the co2 emissions.