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Frequently Asked Questions
Skincare Service

We have listed the most common questions and answers on this page. If your question is not listed, please send an email to

How do I terminate Skincare Service?2022-05-30T11:39:13+01:00

You can use your personal account to adjust or terminate Loïs Lee Skincare Service. At any time, without any notice. It’s also possible to pause your subscription and reactivate when the time’s ready.

Help, I’ve run out of product and I wish to receive a new set ASAP!2022-05-30T11:40:07+01:00

Please log in to your personal space and schedule the next delivery date on ‘today’. This will automatically activate iDeal so you can settle the payment at once and the product is shipped as soon as possible. Do mind to check the next delivery date, to see if it is still correct.

How does the Skincare Service work?2022-05-30T11:50:51+01:00

You determine how often you wish to receive a new set (after 2/3/4 months). The first set is shipped directly and to be paid through iDeal. After this, automatic payment collection is activated and the next set is shipped after the automatic payment was successful. One week before the new shipping is scheduled, you receive an email so you know to expect your order.

Delivery date is today and I haven’t received my set yet.2022-05-30T12:05:32+01:00

The selected date is the date on which a new payment collection is effective, it takes the bank about 2-5 working days until payment is completed. After this, your set will be shipped