Brush it off

Did you know you can brush your body and face with a dry brush? This Ayurvedic method stimulates the removal of excess lymph fluid + waste products. Brushing your body daily stimulates blood circulation, which makes your skin absorb more oxygen. Loïs Lee created a brush for the face and body and haven’t stopped brushing since.



“I use both brushes and it feels like a blessing for your skin. I use the facial brush once a week and it ensures that the dead skin cells disappear. I use the body brush every day before I take a shower. A true scrub, but a scrub that you can do every day to have the waste removed. It’s an everyday treat for my body with all Loïs Lee products. Don’t hesitate and just get them.”
Esther van der Lienden

How does it work

So, dry-brushing affects your lymphatic system. But how does that work? By brushing, you support two things; your immune system and your fluid drainage.

Immune system

Your lymphatic system is a large system of small and large vessels located throughout our body. The vessels contain a colourless liquid: the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic fluid also transports substances, just like your blood vessels. No nutrients but waste products, broken body cells, pathogens and other invaders that are not welcome in our body. The lymph collects these and renders them harmless, after which they are drained. After reading this, you can imagine the importance of a good functioning lymphatic system. It’s the cleansing service of the body..

Your lymphatic vessels are able to absorb somewhat larger particles than your blood vessels. Larger and more difficult to process particles cannot enter your bloodstream, but these substances can be absorbed by lymphatic vessels. They clean up what needs to be cleaned up. This deactivation takes place in, among other things, the neck, groin, around the heart and armpits. They’re called lymph nodes and it’s where the lymphatic vessels come together.

In our lymph nodes, waste products and any pathogens are killed or rendered harmless. After this, they are transferred to the bloodstream, so that the waste products are removed via faeces/urine before they can cause damage.


The lymphatic system is responsible for a large part of the defences in our body. It is an essential part of your immune system!

Moisture drain

This is great, but wait…there’s more! The lymphatic system has a second function. It drains excess fluid from our body. This process occurs because lymphatic fluid is propelled through the vessels by a valve system in our circulatory system. These valves ensure that lymph fluid does not flow back, but is pushed further. This propulsion goes through relaxing and contracting movements of the muscles of our body. That is why movement is so important to us.

What does it have to do with my face?
If your lymphatic system is not working optimally, you’ll notice it right away, trust us. When there are too many waste products present in your skin, it can cause you to get bags under the eyes, make your skin less firm, pale, gray or puffy.

Do you want to know more? We have dedicated an entire page to the lymphatic system (and what you can do/use to promote it).
Click here!

THE brushes

The skin on your face and body has different structures. To sum it up, the skin on your body can take on a bit more and the skin on your face (often) needs some extra care. That’s why we have two brushes that are perfectly tailored to every part of the skin.


The BodyBrush takes the dry brushing of your body to the next level. Made of sustainably oiled beech wood, fine copper wires and 100% natural hair. The copper wires in the brush energise your body and help protect your skin against free radicals and external influences. Daily brushing before you step into the shower gives you silky smooth skin and an energetic start of the day. Our advice; brush in the morning, otherwise you’ll be an energetic puppy instead of a relaxed night owl ;-).

Some brush-benefits

  • Anti-cellulite
  • Stimulates the natural detoxification process and removes dead skin cells
  • Energises your skin

Warning: do not use if you are allergic to copper or tin.

Instruction video BodyBrush


“Pure indulgence! Time for yourself to “wake up” all over again, to feel everything flowing again! You are completely excited afterwards! Give it to yourself! Highly recommended.”


The FaceBrush is a soft dry brush for the face, neck and décolleté.

Regular use of the FaceBrush helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes, softens fine lines and wrinkles and helps reduce age spots. It stimulates the drainage of excess lymph fluid + waste products and blood flow for healthy, radiant skin. Use the FaceBrush on clean and dry skin in the morning or evening

  • Dry brush for the face
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow
  • Mild exfoliation
  • Suitable for daily use


“Used the brush for the first time this morning. I was so tired when I woke up but after brushing I was wide awake! It’s really an energiser. Nice addition to my morning routine. I am happy with it. Also, nice quality brush.”

Instruction video FaceBrush