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We advise you to start with our Try Out Kit. That’s the small version of our 3 Step Beauty Ritual.



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    This is the bomb! “The 3-step system with a cleansing oil, hydration spray and a day and night oil in 1, is the bomb! I really like it! I’m obsessed with oils anyway. But also […]

    I’m glowing again and don’t worry about my skin anymore! “My skin has improved so much from using Lois Lee! I know this is the product for me and I will recommend it to everyone! […]

    Hooked after 2 weeks! “What really surprised me is that my skin has hardly had to get used to the products, so they are that pure. The products include soothing and moisturizing aloe vera water, […]

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    My eczema disappeared.“I have been using Loïs Lee Pure Skinfood products since the beginning of March 2016….and I can only say AMAZING! I suffered from seborrheic dermatitis on my chin and around my nose for […]


Clear you mind, body and skin and glow your way.

Loïs Lee stands for pureness and honesty. In everything. The beauty industry wants you to believe everything they throw at you. But, when it comes to the facts, most brands don’t hold up. We use the best ingredients out there, so you can skip those filters and tons of makeup. Because you, you are perfect just the way you are. And we? We’re here to make sure your skin is too.

Wholistic SkinMethod

There is no quick fix for healthy and radiant skin. Your skin, body and mind are one. A holistic approach is therefore not only logical but necessary. outer SkinFood, inner SkinFood, SkinTools and skinsights, ensure your natural (and best!) SkinBalance.

Wholistic Skinfood


Turn your beauty ritual in a bathroom-party (for one ;-)). These beauties contribute to a beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.

Try Out Kit

Try Out Kit

This kit will last you up to two of three weeks, so you can experience what the 3 Step Beauty Ritual can do for your skin.

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