Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-09T15:09:46+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answers on this page. Is your question still unanswered, please check the faqs for 3 Step Beauty RitualScreen Sun ScreenMoon Magic SerumSkincare Service en No Collagen Collagen Booster or send an email to

The Packaging

Why are the bottles so dark?2022-11-08T18:26:04+02:00

We have selected these dark miron glass bottles deliberately. Because we do not want to add meuk (=nasties) such as preservatives to our formulas. The dark glass offers ultimate protection to the actives in the products.

What do I do with the empty bottles?2022-11-08T18:26:03+02:00

They are indeed almost too pretty to toss in the glass bin. It is however the best option. Glass has an almost endless recycling lifecycle, so by recycling the demand for virgin raw materials will decrease. Almost 90% of all the glass is recycled. Recycling also reduces the co2 emissions.

The Brand

What does #nomoremeuk mean?2022-11-08T18:26:33+02:00
[Meuk = Dutch noun = junk, nasties, but also fake news, filters, unreal stuff.]

We believe only the best from nature is good enough for you. That’s why our products do not contain any substances that do not work for your skin’s benefit. Such as emulsifiers, harmful preservatives and cheap silicones. And we don’t do green washing, we are clean and green. That’s why we guarantee NO MEUK. Only the real deal. In every step of the way. From packaging and product to communication. We never test on animals (only on my daughter and our friends). Our philosophy is much more than just our products. With #nomoremeuk we aim to inspire the world to get real!

What’s the importance of a beauty ritual?2022-11-08T18:26:33+02:00

We believe it’s important to enjoy a daily moment of relaxation and self care. A moment to calm down and to be able to feel what your skin needs. To give yourself enough self care and self love. All of our products fit perfectly in this kind of ritual.

The Products

Do you offer a nice exfoliator?2022-11-08T18:25:29+02:00

No! We consciously decided not to. We are convinced that exfoliating or stripping your skin is not right. It removes the natural protective barrier of dead skin cells and increases dehydration, which makes your skin drier. Our Cleansing Cloths have a very mild exfoliating effect, and this does not attack the upper dermis.

Are all products vegan?2022-11-08T18:25:29+02:00

Almost. Our BeautyBrushes are the only non-vegan products. A conscious choice, because we believe natural hairs are better for dry brushing than plant fibres. We do think it is very important that the hairs are obtained in a 100% animal friendly way, therefore we have one supplier of whom we know the products are animal friendly.