SkinTools make you shine from the inside out. Wait, what? But I use them on the outside of my body, don’t I? That’s right, but the tools work on your lymphatic system and fascia. Fascia is a complex system of connective tissue under the skin, which is located throughout your body (just a quick fyi ;)).

If your lymphatic system (waste processing) is not working properly, you will often see this reflected in your face. Puffiness, less firm skin, acne, looking pale / gray and looking ‘bloated’ are indicators. If your facia is stuck, you can tell by wrinkles and sagging, for example.


Brush it off – Dry Brushes

Did you know you can brush your body and face with a dry brush? This Ayurvedic method stimulates the removal of excess lymph fluid + waste products. Brushing your body daily stimulates blood circulation, which makes your skin absorb more oxygen. Prepare yourself for an energy boost after brushing! It will make you feel alive, tingle and ready to go.

Rock ‘n roll – SkinRollers

The benefits of daily rolling;

  1. It supports your lymphatic system for fresh and radiant skin
  2. Dark circles and puffiness due to moisture? Daily rolling directs the fluid to the lymphatic vessels.
  3. It helps in improved blood circulation. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients go to the skin. So combine rolling with the Nourishing Beauty Oil or Moon Magic Serum!
Gua Sha BeautyStone

Swipe Right – BeautyStone

Our special BeautyStone, made of Jade, is a real Glowgetter. By ‘scraping’ your face, you promote microcirculation. This gives your skin extra nutrition and oxygen, stimulates collagen production and removes waste products. At the same time, the active ingredients of your SkinFood are better absorbed. So, swipe right and glow overnight :).

Sleep well & boost your health

These tools ensure a better and healthier you, make you sleep better and therefore make a positive contribution to your best skin ever.


Gently scraping your tongue every morning ensures healthy oral flora and a super fresh feeling (once you start this…there’s no going back… us ;)).
Your breath is fresh, your mouth is clean and it ensures a good oral hygiene. It fights bacterial growth, improves taste buds, immune system, digestion, skin and health! Google it, it’s scientifically proven!

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Onze blauw-licht-bril helpt bij vermoeide en droge ogen door computergebruik en geeft bescherming tegen de schadelijke invloed van blauw licht op o.a. onze hormoonhuishouding. Teveel blauw licht kan ons slaap-waak ritme verstoren en de aanmaak van ons slaaphormoon melatonine belemmeren waardoor onze (beauty)slaap (inslapen, doorslapen) verslechtert. De bril filtert zo’n 35% van het blauwe licht waar we aan blootgesteld worden door schermen (tv, telefoon, tablet, computer) en LED-verlichting. Tip! Bescherm ook je huid tegen blauw licht met onze Screen Sun Screen!

SleepMask 100%

The best sleep you’ll have in a completely dark environment. Even the tiniest bit of light (past the curtain, under the door, a light on electrical equipment, etc.) can disrupt the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. That is why it is important that it is completely dark in your bedroom. Our sleeping mask contributes to your sleep by completely blocking all light in a comfortable way.