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What you eat, drink or wat kind of supplements you take, has an effect on (among other things) your skin. You can help restore, strengthen, hydrate, protect and even support your skin in the production of collagen from the inside out.

Wholesome foods, intestinal and liver balance, stress management and sufficient sleep are essential. If you add the best supplements, you will strive for the best skin ever. Real beauty comes from within? It really does!

Inner SkinFood


With our inner SkinFood and nutrition tips, we help you shine from the inside out.

No Collagen Collagen

No Collagen Collagen Booster

NCCB™ is our Collagen Booster from within. Think of it as your internal moisturiser. The perfectly coordinated active ingredients provide natural protection and optimal skin condition. What it does?

  1. ultimate firmness
  2. smooth and clear skin
  3. optimal protection
  4. finer skin texture
  5. healthy glow #gowiththeglow

As always, anything made by Loïs Lee is: 100% PureFill, 0% fillers, with an unprecedented high dose of effective and clinically proven ingredients.


Written by the art director of Vrouw magazine and awarded, as the only supplement, with 5/5 stars in the May 2022 edition!

“Result: I think it really makes a difference. My skin looks calm and vital. Even my beautician is amazed! My skin feels firmer. Conclusion: I’m very excited. Only downside is that it is quite expensive. But if it really works (aging nicely without mess), then I would rather opt for this than for ‘plastic-fantastic’.“
Jolien Strookappe, art director Vrouw magazine


Sufficient Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to healthy skin (and body!) by tackling infections and inflammation. Omega 3 is an essential building block for healthy cell membranes, which make up most of the skin. If they are healthy, you have soft, moisture-rich and supple skin. GLOmega – 3 helps with;;

  1. A good moisture balance in the skin
  2. Preventing hyperkeratinization of hair follicles (those red bumps on arms, for example)
  3. Due to its anti-inflammatory function, it helps with acne and eczema
  4. The damage of the skin by the sun

Like the No Collagen Collagen Booster, GLOmega-3 is;100% PureFill, with 0% fillers and an unprecedented high dose of effective and clinically proven ingredients.



“Omega 3 already was a part of my daily ritual. But I am super happy with this vegan Omega-3. With fish oil, I had problems with fish oil belching. Not very appetising ;-) With the Glomega I don’t suffer from that at all. Fish oil doesn’t come into my mind anymore :-P”