Bali, 2005; a motorcycle accident. My body and life were turned upside down and my quest for optimal health began. Your skin is your largest organ and when I found out how much junk is in care products I thought; this has to be different. By putting all that ‘muck’ on your skin, you burden your endocrine system and your liver, among other things.

I developed a completely natural and powerful skin care line, without any junk. With love and knowledge, made in Amsterdam with only the best vegetable and essential oils and actives that really nourish your skin. With kindness to your skin & the planet.

My journey started in 2016 with outer SkinFood, followed by SkinTools. Over the years, the inner SkinFood was added and I shared all my skinsights during this process. This Wholistic approach is the only one that really works. Everything I’ve learned, I’m sharing with you. Because, when we are healthy and glowing together, the world will automatically become a bit more beautiful.

And the brandname? The Loïs Lee brand is named after my lovely daughter Loïs.

Love, Debbie