NOMOREMEUK Lois Lee Pure Skinfood


Your most beautiful skin ever is deeper than skin deep. Bodyguard of the outside, mirroring the inside. Nowhere to hide! So don’t hold back. Don’t rush. Get rid off your mask. Don’t hide behind pretty stories and cakey make up. Glow from the inside! No-more-bullshit. #nomoremeuk!

Loïs Lee Pure Skinfood is about the real deal. No nourishing ‘fairy tales in a jar’ but an honest dose of high quality skinfood. Loaded with the best ingredients, straight from nature. Without harmful ingredients. Neither for your health nor for the health of all other forms of life around you. And no nasties on your skin also implies no nasties in the oceans. Fish happy, we happy. This is how we protect you from the daily challenges of life. Your personal challenges, all of our challenges. Such as the effects of blue light and polluted air. And on top of that, consider what we put in our mouth and apply to our skin. That’s why we cherish nature. And why we contribute to several foundations to keep her as healthy as possible. For more pure sources and pure air. Life is great! And we aim to keep it that way. Because your skin will reflect it all!

Loïs Lee Pure Skinfood. For Real Glow Getters.