Wholistic Skinfood

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A holistic approach may sound a bit ‘out there’, but…to be honest it’s really nothing more than ‘seeing the big picture’ and acting on it. Do you have a headache? Start by drinking three glasses of water, close your eyes and breathe calmly for five minutes. Do you still have a headache? All consequences (especially the less desirable ones) have a cause. Your skin is no exception to that rule.
A lack of moisture, nutrients, a good nights rest or proper cleaning can be the cause of misbalanced skin. But it doesn’t stop there. Your intestines, liver, lymphatic system, stress, hormones and outside influences all have a role to play. If you truly want ‘your best skin ever’, the wholistic way is the only way to go. And that’s why we’re here; Lois Lee Wholistic Skin Method. If you’re looking for your ultimate glow.

Elements like Fire, Earth, Water and Air give life to our planet. Our elements Outer Skinfood, Inner Skinfood, SkinTools and skinsights give life and balance to your body, mind and skin. All products are 100% PureFill, 0% fillers, and an unprecedented high dose of effective and clinically proven ingredients. These wonderful ingredients are all 100% natural and vegan.
We are natural and vegan in every step of our (production) process. Being kind to your skin and the planet is, for us, just as balanced out as our products are.

Lots of love,

Loïs Lee ~ Wholistic SkinMethod