The STAR ingredient of Moon Magic Serum, with maximum dosage of 1%. Several scientific studies have proven that the effects of Bakuchiol can be compared to those of traditional retinol: stimulating collagen and elastin production, decreasing the natural break down of collagen and elastin, and promoting a healthy mitosis. Also famous are the anti-acne properties. Anti-aging plus anti-acne in one plant-based ingredient! However, where retinol can also bring about harmful side effects, Bakuchiol is the completely safe alternative: only benefits, not the burdens. Loïs Lee uses Bakuchiol (Sytenol A) in the highest possible dosage.

Other highlights

  • Oat lipids: gluten free ceramides reinforce the natural barrier of the skin and safeguard its moisture balance;
  • Gotu Kola (centella asiatica): healing and rejuvenating;
  • Blue Tansy: camomile essential oil, calming and anti-inflammatory;
  • Spilanthes acmella: “nature’s botox”;
  • Collagenere: plant peptides, boost collagen production and slow down collagen degradation;
  • Blackcurrant CO2 extract: rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and omega fatty acids, softens and nourishes.
  • Cacay Oil: plant oil with the highest Vitamin A levels.

The other five ingredients also play an important part in this magical serum. Moon Magic Serum fully complies to the #nomoremeuk promise of course; Completely free of filling agents, fragrance and artificial colour additives, cheap ingredients that do not contribute to a healthy skin at all, preservatives, synthetic ingredients, perfume. 100% #nomoremeuk-proof!