As you might know, we at Loïs Lee aren’t sheep following the herd of trends. And we didn’t cooperate with one or another ‘famous’ supplement producer to market yet another collagen supplement or new skin-hair-nail gummy bear. (please do your research, very often the ingredient listings are identical to each other and the supplements only differ in the ‘latest’ shape or taste).

No Collagen Collagen Booster™, part of the inner Skin Food collection by Loïs Lee Wholistic Skin Method, is real nutrition for your skin! It’s a powerful beauty supplement created to hydrate skin from within, to reduce inflammatory activity in the body, to boost collagen synthesis and to strengthen the skin barrier: to protect skin from premature aging and against the day-to-day attack of free radicals.

The formula is the result of an intense cooperation of almost two years between Loïs Lee founder Debbie and a team of experts in their own fields. We didn’t just mix the finest ingredients, but we also examined their effect in the body when taking higher dosage.

It appeared for example when taking high dosage of (animal derived) collagen, one takes in too much glutamine. Glutamine is essential for your health BUT in too high dosage (which often is the case in collagen supplements) it could cause excitotoxicity through a complicated process (turning into glutamate /GABA). Excitotoxicity means that braincells and nerves are overstimulated, which could result in neurological inflammation and cell death. This is yet another reason for us NOT to use collagen.