3 Step Beauty Ritual

How to use

pm cleansing

A moment to relax with a luxury and calming ritual

Use 6-8 pumps of the Soothing Cleansing Oil, massage onto your dry skin and cover your face with a clean, warm (not soaked) Cleansing Cloth. The warmth will open your pores and the oil will draw dirt and grime to the skin surface. Remove residue with the Cleansing Cloth, if necessary, repeat with the other (clean) side of the cloth. Your skin is now cleansed and feels silky soft. PM cleansing suffices, in the morning you can splash a bit of fresh water to your face to wake up. During the night our skin is not exposed to any dirt and over-cleansing harms the natural skin mantle.

hydrate & nourish ritual Lois Lee Pure Skinfood

create your personal, customized skincare

Perfectly matching your individual skin needs!

AM and PM: mix a few sprays of Hydrating Essence with several drops of Nourishing Beauty Oil in the palm of your hand. Adjust the ratio to what your skin needs at each particular moment: increase the amount of Beauty Oil when skin feels dry, multiply Hydrating Essence when skin tends to be more oily.

Lois Lee Hydrating Essence can also be applied during the day as a refreshing pick me up. Beauty Oil can also be applied directly to the skin like a (eye) serum.