For the composition of this formula, we selected scientifically and clinically tested ingredients that have proven their effect on health in general and skin in particular.

It’s a high-quality formula, as could be expected from Loïs Lee, we did not make any concessions in terms of dosage nor ingredients.

We consciously chose effective quantities, instead of adding certain ingredients for marketing purposes.  For example, a daily dose contains 40 mg of patented rice ceramides. This is the required quantity proven to restore the moisture balance of the skin and to protect against signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid is also a popular ingredient that is often used in supplements. Unfortunately, not always in the proven minimum quantity of 120 mg, so then it actually has more to with marketing purpose than with actual skin improvement. We on the other hand, have incorporated 140 mg in our No Collagen Collagen Booster!

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