We do not use collagen in our formula. First of all because collagen is ANIMAL derived, and we don’t think it’s really necessary to use dead animals in beauty products.


Secondly, because collagen protein or peptides still need to be broken down to amino acid fragments in the stomach (collagen consists of 18 amino acids). Collagen consists for the larger part of the 3 amino acids Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline. And guess what? We put these three most important amino acids of vegetal origin  directly soluble (bioavailable) in our supplement!

Finally, when taking (animal derived) collagen in higher dosage, one takes in too much glutamine. Glutamine is essential for your health BUT in too high dosage (which often is the case in collagen supplements) it could cause excitotoxicity through a complicated process (turning into glutamate /GABA). Excitotoxicity means that braincells and nerves are overstimulated, which could result in neurological inflammation and cell death. This is yet another reason for us NOT to use collagen.